Re: emmisive black paint

Message posted by habu-e6 on October 26, 2007 at 21:52:59 PST:

I do find some rough surfaces completely covering some parts. Without magnification it just looks sandblasted. But what ever it is it was applied before the part numbers were stamped on because it would have surely removed the numbers. Nitric Acid makes sense by the way it looks under magnification. You can see how its eaten into the titanium. I thought it may have been a surface treatment used to toughen the metal such as Ion Implantation or Nitriding.

As far as the paint crystals go I could guess that they create a combination of beneficial characteristics. I couldn't say this paint is 1950's technology as I'm quite sure this was painted in the 80's, and its very possible paint chemical formulas advanced as the Blackbird and its systems did. Thanks for the great information.

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