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Message posted by psiuh88 on October 26, 2007 at 18:20:54 PST:

would the additive also have some sort dielectric properties to help absorb and disperse radar energy? probably so. diamond and zirconia have know and /or studies dielectric properties. How far back was this known, or at least how far back was it possible to grow large quantities of very small industrial synthetic diamonds (or zirconia)? I don't know if this was really feasible back in the late 1950's of not.
carbon black and graphite are more likely additives for the dielectric purposes.

ferrite particles also supposedly a part of the energy (radar) absorption scheme.

if you had any left, it might be possible to get it analyzed - might take a while.

the black was to help radiate heat/cool the airframe at high speeds, so it could be an additive for conducting heat out away from the airframe better, if there was no dielectric properties in mind, but wouldn't likely have anything to do with pigmentation.

surface roughenss of the beta titanium skins could have been achieved by grit blasting the panels, or by polishing the sheets. they were pickled (dipped in HF/nitric acid) to remove oxide/alpha case and grinding lines, which could leave a slightly rough surface.

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