OT Space Shuttle Discovery STS-120

Message posted by Gregos on October 21, 2007 at 12:31:50 PST:

The Space Shuttle Discovery is scheduled for launch on Tuesday 11:38 am EDT.

I will be in Miami so I'm planning to drive up to the cape as there are not too many Shuttle missions left on the books. Can anyone recommend a good viewing point? I'm on a tight time schedule to get back to Miami, so I can't buy the public tickets from the KSC. I'm afraid it will take too long to get off the Island, so I'm thinking about Cocoa Beach...

Also, I have my scanner and would like to tune into the cockpit frequency. I found the frequencies on www.monitoringtimes.com (page 7). Can anyone confirm the shuttle's frequency (259.70) and does it switch when the Shuttle clears the tower from KSC Launch Control to Houston's Mission Control?


Attached link: http://www.monitoringtimes.com/html/Monitoring%20NASA%20and%20Space%20Communications.pdf


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