Re: New Area 51 sat image on Google Earth

Message posted by Lumpy on October 06, 2007 at 21:28:25 PST:

Gregos wrote -
" ...I was looking at Dog Bone Lake. The target at the southern end looks like a small city. ..."

Pull up aerials of Baghdad, Mosul and Kabul. Rotate GE so that the runway is oriented in roughly the same direction as any of those cities. Some striking similarities.

We've got "Korean Airfield". Makes perfect sense to have airfields that resemble other potential targets.

Notice the "Mosque", the round, domed bldg in the "city". It's west of the brick colored thing, the western most structure inside the "loop".

Southern most structure, two blue roof rectangles with a grid inbetween them - mock water purification/sewer? Zoom in far enough and there's a greyed out area -
36 46 18.47N 115 26 12.46W


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