Re: New Area 51 sat image on Google Earth

Message posted by Gregos on October 06, 2007 at 20:32:48 PST:

I haven't looked at this area in some time but with all the GE updates, I was looking at Dog Bone Lake. The target at the southern end looks like a small city. The structures are too big to be sea containers (which are 8' x 40' long) like the ones on Kawich Lake Northwest of Groom Lake. It looks like they spent some money on this set up. But what really caught my eye is the blue "river?" and black "highway?" going thru the town. When I first saw it I thought that could be the paint shown on the DLR satellite photo. They would need to mix it somewhere. However, there does not appear to be a viable road from Groom Lake to Dog Bone Lake. Also KINS is much closer. Lastly, in the DLR photo, the colors appear to be yellow, green and black which are all typical paints for airport taxi ways. No blue present -darn, I thought I was onto something!!!

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