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Message posted by George on October 02, 2007 at 17:01:27 PST:

Sounds like you have quite the road trip planned. I guess your route takes you along 84 to Las Vegas. Once you get to Ash Springs you can top off the tank and should have plenty of fuel to go to Rachel and continue on past, then North on Hwy 6 through Current to Ely, Nevada. Although you could backtrack from Rachel, I highly recommend the drive I just mentioned above. You get to see some wild and lonely Nevada and also Current Summit is a beautiful wooded area. Be sure to check out Hotel Nevada when you pass through Ely; the hotel is a great place to stay and Ely is a fun town.

Before you get to Rachel (from Ash Springs) you pass over Coyote Summit. This is a good spot to stop and star gaze or watch the aerial festivities (are Red Flag exercises schedule for the week before or after 10/20/2007? ). Week days are best; apparently even the military enjoys weekends off.

What ever time of year you choose to travel Nevada, it is best to know plan your route and know the distances between fuel stations, fuel up often when you can so you always have at least half a tank of gas, and carry some food and water (just in case plans change due to weather or mechanical problems). If you are able to read maps, you really don't need the GPS unless you go off into the maze of dirt roads found just about anywhere in Nevada. Be very careful about traveling the dirt roads when it rains; main of these roads turn to gooey clay and become impassable.

Happy Trails

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