trip to A51 in a fortnight

Message posted by Rob on October 01, 2007 at 8:18:37 PST:

Iím planning a trip to A51 in a fortnight.

To put my questions in context Ė Iím coming over from the UK and Iím not familiar with the area.

Iím basically on a road trip form Houston to Seattle, and as I should be in the vicinity Iíd thought it was a golden opportunity to do a drive-by.

Iíve been having a look on the map and direction pages, but itís not really the way that worries me; itís the remoteness of the area and the supplies Iím going to need in case of emergencies. The drive up hwy 375, should I take precautions?

I estimate Iím going to be in the area about the weekend of the 21, 22, would I be better to get there on a week day to see something? Iím guessing that it would be better. I could probably modify my itinerary to get there earlier?


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