Message posted by Stephen Wickens on September 28, 2007 at 17:34:22 PST:

The more you look the less you see. Slight of hand and misdirection. Key words .
Key words in magic and intelligence operations. The more you deny the more people look. Add some hi security special effects like armed guards and hi tech electronics ,test some mid to low level programs, deny you are, and you have the perfect cover / or misdirection.
Now you are free to use the real secret base. If you use that secret base close to or on an existing base who will notice, or care? Maybe you start a real secret base somewhere else. Face it once the military admits it has a secret base at A51 it has already moved it.
Or maybe thatís a subterfuge too?
Personally I go with the moved theory. Military thinking and all that.
They tend to stay in the lines. Conservative thinking and all that. You know.
So what do you do? Round and round and round she goes, where she stops no one knows. It is a shell game mixed with chess. Played by masters with century's
of experience.
10% of the worlds population has historically controlled 90% of the all existing resources. Machiavellian. (Plots within plots within plots etc.)
Of course you can open a web sight and collect Intel on those who participate.
Just to keep an eye on things you know. As is sometimes said "the plot thickens


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