Re: Strange Activity

Message posted by Alex (UK) on September 28, 2007 at 13:28:48 PST:

I have seen something similar to what you describe, mark. One sunday night i watched an object of some sort, with 2 large lights and one small light just to the right of them (could it be satellites JB737? i never even knew they sometimes orbited in pairs and trios, ta for the info :) I see a lot of wierd stuff in the skies over my house and i usually discover it to be a satellite. However sometimes, i see something i just cant explain. Im just wondering if anyone knows the odds of any sighting being a covert testing programme? Obviously it would be higher in areas such as Nevada and California, perhaps Utah. But in the UK we dont have such test ranges like Groom etc, however i have heard stories that the USAF is using the military testing area in Wales, but i think for anyone to see something in the UK you have to be VERYYY lucky.

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