Re: Strange Activity

Message posted by Alex (UK) on September 29, 2007 at 16:40:27 PST:

:D sounds pretty amazing, the B2 thing. Ive never clapped eyes on a B2 or F117-A for that matter, suppose its what you would expect in the UK. Maybe you are catching one of the test flights from the Nellis ranges doing its rounds. How far are you from Groom/Nellis etc? or are you nearer to White Sands or Dugway? i think if you get a camera steady enough you should be able to get the lights, ive seen a few photos in an Ministry of Defence document and on the net of trangular formation lights, they look pretty dim but you can still make them out, however i assume you see these lights on moonless nights, so it may be harder to get a clear picture, due to the lack of a light source. On the other side of the pond, if i see my friend from the west again (it travelled west to east) ill make sure i use my parents camera to snap it. As for what it could be... hmm, i hope to see it again to find out. I Know BAE are testing a UAV at the moment, perhaps its what ive been seeing, BAE's test centre at Warton isnt far (in aircraft terms, and about an hour in the car) from here.

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