Possible Groom Lake Vehicle?

Message posted by Jay W on September 17, 2007 at 20:51:06 PST:

First I want to say HI! to everyone!

I work security near Topock, AZ(crow miles, appx 90 mls S-SE of Las Vegas). Occasionally I work nights. On several occasions I have observed a very high flying white light at appx 830pm and 430am. It appears as a very fast moving small white light(Slightly larger than the surrounding stars, though no nav lights visible) appx 4-5 times as high as commercial air traffic(estimate), and flies roughly north-south or vice versa. At first I thought it was a satellite but I have seen it make multiple passes at both times on several occasions. Two weeks ago I was watching it when a second nearly identical object appeared. The second object had one difference, its ?engine? pulsed at appx 1-2 second intervals. While I do believe in UFO's, I am convininced this is something out of Groom Lake do to its reoccuring time tables, our proximity, as well as the fact it does little manuevering. If anyone has a guess(I've heard the Fastmover rec,as well as read the info on SR-xx info) I would be interested. I could make myself available by phone to someone that listens to A-51 Freq's regularly or a watcher to try and synq it. TIA!!!



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