Re: Possible Groom Lake Vehicle?

Message posted by JayWilliams on September 18, 2007 at 18:42:10 PST:


Thanks for your reply, everything you said makes perfect sense. I will definitely try the Heavens-Above next time I work at night, next Thursday I believe. As I said the only thing that made me sort of change my mind originally was the observation of multiple pass's appx 7-8 minutes apart in opposite directions. Then when I saw the solid object and pulsing object on the same night(Sept 5th 825-840pm)first do 2 head to head passes and the last pass North flying next to each other it kinda shook me out of the satellite theory(sorry forgot to put that in the original post). Thanks for the info on the 2 websites, and I'll report back again next week if anything interesting happens! TIA!

Jay W.

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