Old center taxiway simulate a carrier deck?

Message posted by NoOne on August 15, 2007 at 20:01:02 PST:

Hummm. My doubts about the old taxiway being used as a “runway/carrier deck” are:

. Proximity of buildings at, near, under the approaches/departure ends

During flight test there is the occasional oops and I don’t think, even a UAV, would be considered a safe risk.

. The old taxiway is aligned East/West and that’s not headed into prevailing winds

That means a high percentage of the time there would be a significant crosswind component. Not desirable under normal circumstances and probably not real good in a flight test environment.

Also I’m not convinced the black marks are “skid” marks from tires. Seems like a lot of rubber, if it is rubber, has been deposited – where’s the pile of burnt out tires? lol..

Maybe the area is a go-kart track for employee recreation, or maybe a place to learn how to “drift” a car ? :-)


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