The Great Return (pt 2) ...1 week to go

Message posted by CFA3 on August 11, 2007 at 11:54:11 PST:

Well, it's one week before the Great Return of the GROOM LAKE AUDUBON SOCIETY to the vast wastelands of Nevada known as...AREA 51 and the NELLIS AIR COMBAT RANGE, to watch the sky for our favorite birds, of the military variety.

I see that it might be a small FLAG excersise. Anyone know how to get an update on the participant list? We are hoping for a surprise visitor or 2.

We'll be setting up a base camp for the week, in Sand Spring Valley. No trips to Tikaboo Peak are planned, but we'll be all over the place through Friday morning the 24th. We have a new SUV with fresh tires, lot's a water and plenty of toys to make the experience an event.

I could use some intel on issues you guys might think I need to know...(Scanning, new crash sites, things to look out for, etc, you get the idea.)

I promise a full report with pics when we get back.



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