Red Flag

Message posted by Walt R on July 29, 2007 at 6:54:56 PST:

Hi I haven’t posted too much on this forum but I read it all the time,
Yesterday I called pat for a room at the Inn on Thur Aug 23 for red flag Upon looking at the scheduled participants, it seems kind of light. Is it possible that there will be more planes (F-22s). Last year in August when we went, we left very early in the morning to make it to Coyote Summit to see the early morning flight. After seeing no planes, we went to the Inn and was told they only flew afternoon and evenings will that be the case this year?
When we were out last August, we visited YB-49, X-15,and the Valkyrie crash sites and enjoyed the experience very much.
This year we want to try to find the Shoshone SR-71(hint-Peter) are there any interesting crash sites around Rachael ? I will be there Thursday and Friday (8/23 & 8/24) with my fiancé, if anyone is around I will buy you a beer.

Thanks Walt R


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