El Toro

Message posted by Gregos on July 21, 2007 at 23:48:18 PST:

I'm working on a Lexus "drive event" for the next few weeks at MCAS El Toro (closed) in Socal. We are building the "set" right where the major runways intersect. The last time I looked on Google Earth, you can see something similar at the end of Runway 7L. Anyways, I didn't bring my scanner but I was wondering if anyone knew if the VOR / DME is still active? I was here a year ago for this event and they are really tearing this place up. The end of the runway at 7L and 7R looks like a landfill. Sad, The last thing Socal needs is more people...

PS Some of the stagehands told me they are tearing down the blimp hangers in Tustin. Now that's really sad, they are national icons :-(


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