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Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on June 17, 2007 at 13:30:20 PST:

Something is afoot. There is now a huge new hanger on the base that MUST house a brand new project that is reaching either the advanced testing and possibly pre-operational teasting. Since the hanger is TALL, the vehicle(s) are tall - probably piggy-backed prior to an air-launch (a la SR-71/D-21). There has been more than one theory that the new hyper-speed bomber would be based on this concept. In addition, the base now feels threatened by the observation of activities from Tikaboo. Once again that suggests that the vehicle(s) are large enough to be clearly seen at 27 miles away, and that some of the flights are going to be in daylight, indicating an up-tempo testing schedule or training flights. The huge (and it must be massive) pile of dirt is specifically placed to block the hanger from view from Tikaboo - so the authorities MUST be VERY concerned about us (and others) from seeing what they are doing. But why now? Whatever the project is it has now entered a critical phase that requires flights that could be witness from Tikaboo. Coupled with the recent attempt to depopulate Rachel and shut down the gas supply, a case could be made that the syncronicity of all the events is suspicious. Personally that something big is being flown out of there, probably a piggy-back ultra-high speed vehicle that can reach anywhere on the globe in minutes to deliver a PGM from suborbit. It's all a guess, but it looks like they want to hide what they have,and maybe even reduce the population around the area by a seemingly innocent series of real estate deals.

My suggestion is this; let's keep watching, but think twice about what we say on-line as the security of this country is still something we are all accountable for, and to help our enemies know our strength before we are fully capable might be unwise.

Bur somting big is being prepared to fly from there, and the authorities have spent much time, effort and dirt to keep it hidden FROM US!

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