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Message posted by JB737 on June 15, 2007 at 12:42:35 PST:

Well said, and I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I do have my reasons for thinking what I do.

Every time you drive past it, you'll feel a little more like agreeing with me. Time is on my side. :-)

I agree that other explanations, or even multiple explanations, are possible. Maybe even one actual use could be used as a cover for another actual use.

That's how I'd do it if I were them: "We have some extra budget for sensors, would you like to install an extra monitoring station on our dime? We'll even provide the labor and pay for some extra batteries and an internet connection so you won't have to visit it.". Then I'd tap into its power source, and install the surveillance system.

So I'm standing pat. If it is not an Area 51 related sensor, then there are just too many perfect coincidences for me to believe that. Absolute proof either way would require looking at what software is running there. So we'll just never know, which again fits with it being Area 51 sensors.

1. Were they clairvoyant enough to start installing (or at least planning) seismic sensors soon BEFORE earthquakes? Doesn't look like a spur-of-the-moment project/installation to me.

2. BIG COINCIDENCE? Why place it at the perfect tracking spot above the intersection of the easy road and the tough road? To prevent the countermeasure of us improving the bad road as done at Roadblock Canyon, I say. On the bad road, I got within 1/3 mile from there in a rented Taurus. Didn't scout the remainder, but I'd guess that I was turned back at/near the crux, and a few hours/days of shoveling and hammering could make it passable to passenger cars. When I forked the tough way in November, at least 1 Pave Hawk noticed immediately and hid hovering nearby. By the time I turned back and reopened the gate, I had a flyby from all 3. So call me biased, but my attempt to use the bad road got way too much attention for my taste. ANOTHER BIG COINCIDENCE?

3. The equipment noted so far is just generic infrastructure to support any of the mentioned types of equipment, including approach sensors. Maybe the brains of the operation is just stuffed into the solar cabinet, but more likely it's in an electronics/computer vault underground.

4. Thinking that Area 51 is ruled out because it's vulerable to TAMPERING, is a cruel joke. Anyone tampering with even a generic-looking, unmarked Area 51 sensor system will be in for a rude surprise this time. Just like last time, but probably even more so, because they should know better now.

5. That they already have a system that works, is absolutely no reason to rule out a new/improved one. It is the way the world, and especially defense contracting, works. And don't forget, it has been published all over, how the old system works. COINCIDENCE? No, a guarantee of a replacement.

Location, location, location ---> Tikaboo traffic sensor, either as early warning, or as prelude to a land grab severing the road.

Coincidence, coincidence, coincidence ---> ditto


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