Could it be...

Message posted by Thud on June 15, 2007 at 5:53:02 PST:

.. a seismic sensor of sorts. With recent nuclear weapons development coming to light (i.e. tectical mini-nukes)and the testing thereof. Could this be some type of temporary recording mechanism for underground nuclear testing on the NTS, or possibly A51 (take into mind the recent tower construction that resembles the underground testing tower at NTS)? And, could there be others strategically placed at other areas. Which would explain the satallite up-link.

I agree it appears to be a temporary installation. And, as others have "shot-from-the-hip" and speculated, that it is a ground sensor for moving vehicles going to Tikapoo to "spy" on the new events at the Watertown Strip. I dought it. It could be easily vandalised as previously mentioned. Also, if you will recall. Chuck Clark unearthed ground sensors on BLM land that where much smaller and undetectable, except for the small antennae. I'm sure they where very effective as well.

So, ground sensor. Don't faltter youself. They already know if your coming to Tikapoo.

The usual (((grin)))


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