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Message posted by JB737 on June 14, 2007 at 17:29:45 PST:

I agree, a good plug kit is extremely useful. Right up there with radiator-hose tape, duct tape (I prefer double-stick tape similar to carpet tape) and all sorts of rope/cord/string ... including the strongest stuff that fits an open-sided plug tool.

WARNING: some plug tools are useless.
So, practice BEFORE the emergency!

Before buying new tires, make holes and cuts (one at a time!) in the old one, and try a few plug kits, plug types, and emergency methods!

Also, try: pushing a deflated tire off its bead; getting your hand inside to patch it; and getting the tire to reseat using only what you will have: inflator cans and rope to bind the tire tread.

A last resort is to pull the tread over the outer rim, and tie it to cover the rim uninflated. A plug tool can be modified like an upholstery needle.

To avoid all this work, carry extra spares!

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