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Message posted by Joe on June 10, 2007 at 12:21:25 PST:

I agree with the admonitions against stupidity posted here! Even reading this discussion of how to violate the border is disturbing, at least to me (except the cow cam, I think that one has potential) :)

There's only one way to "penetrate" the base that I can see or would advise others to pursue: develop the educational background and expertise to be hired there.

If I could go back in time and advise my younger self, that's what I would do. According to friends I've known at NASA and in various military positions, that part of Nevada is where all them most fun toys are (along with Los Alamos and a few other places).

I wish I'd done whatever it would take, probably in the way of electrical engineering, basic physics or chemistry, to be a viable candidate for being hired there. . . .

Any other strategy for getting inside is not, I think, likely to be in the ballpark of "genetically reinforced behavior."

Still, I they have a need for any 50+ year old PhDs with a specialty in the history of radio, or e-commerce, someone let me know and I'll have my application right there. . .



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