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Balloons, kites, pigeons, cows, crawling rocks, I've heard of or thought up those and many more. Trust me, I've thought up a few others that are SO GOOD, that I can't in good conscience even say what they are, lest I be suspected of inciting a treasonous felony, if some loonytune put them into action. Even if legal, I am not out to provide something analogous to the infamous "how to make a better pipe bomb" instructions.

Potential intelligence-gathering devices make for interesting "what if scenarios", challenging engineering exercises, and a fun time imagining what would be found if the ideas worked.

But to actually do it at Area 51 would be absolutely nuts, virtually a death wish.

You'll note that even Jerry Freeman, who had both a legitimate historical agenda to pursue in forbidden territory, and incredible drive and sense of adventure, only went in after he got cancer. Plus, where he went was less sensitive than Area 51, it was well pre-9/11, he had many second thoughts while doing it, he barely got out alive, etc.

The Pave Hawk helicopter security teams will respect your presence on public land if you don't do anything which in their minds is (or should be?) something they are trained to prevent. Their rules of engagement are not exactly published, so erring on the side of caution is advised.

We are all fortunate that one de-facto rule of engagement has been that photography of the base from great distances on public land is tolerated by the government.

Having been up close and personal with all three of the copters at once, I can vouch for the fact that you REALLY don't want to provoke them. They are trained professionals, which is a double edged sword. Like your parents told you about bees, if you don't provoke them, they'll probably not sting you.


Once you cross any line (whether geographic, behavioral, fitting a profile, or whatever) that they have been trained to act upon, you will be 100% at their mercy. They have the men and machines to do absolutely anything they want to with you. They could easily take you to the other side of the line, dead or alive at their choosing. They have the logistical ability to make your vehicle disappear without a trace also, even if it means cordoning off an area while they bring in a truck or bigger copter to take it, or closing off roads to traffic while they drive it to the base, etc.

When they arrive, you WILL wish you had kept your nose clean. It is one thing to talk about their professionalism, and it is another to be standing there with your life hanging in the balance and depending upon it.

Considering that there often aren't even 3 cars in the area, having 3 helicopters plus cooperation from local law enforcement (not to mention more aerial and ground backup from Nellis AFB if needed) gives them an awful lot of physical control over any situation you could possiblly create.

You'd be wiser to test your balloon ideas over a nudist camp, than over Area 51. It might cause you some legal trouble, but of a different order of magnitude than the sort of trouble you might find yourself in if you can't separate fantasy from reality regarding penetrating Area 51, the NTS, or the Nellis Range.


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