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Message posted by Gregos on June 08, 2007 at 14:25:21 PST:

The first time I heard the Jerry Freeman story I thought it was ridiculous. I’ve seen the terrain out there, and there is a reason they built the base where they did! However, in February, I took the NTS tour and saw the approach in from HWY 95 North into Yucca Flat. Even the hills around the flat are not as rugged as the mountains to the North. I started to think his trip might not be total BS. I think an outdoorsman in great shape might be able to make such a hike –with a lot of luck avoiding the sensors and patrols, etc! However, if I had that luck I’d be in Vegas playing the slots, not humping my way thru the pitch-black desert at night! The only thing I don’t buy is the water factor. With LRRP rations, food is no problem, but water is sooo heavy. You would have a very small window in spring and fall where Nevada’s harsh climate wouldn’t dehydrate you until you shrivel up and die! Maybe he carried dehydrated water! ;-)

Anyway, this is a job for the Mythbusters!

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