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Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on June 08, 2007 at 10:51:01 PST:

Welcome to Dreamland Resort!

We had several discussions on the idea of a remote controlled plane with a camera. The consensus was that, while it seems like a good idea, the plane would be detected very early on, anc most likely the control signal would be jammed, or the plane brought down by the chopper. To my knowledge, it has never actually been tried.

The perimeter, not only along the roads, is secured with various types of sensors. In particular sensitive areas, like Freedom Ridge, White Sides or Bald Mtn. While I am sure that it is not impossible to "sneak in", I would never risk the consequences of trying it and getting caught.

There is the story of Jerry Freeman, who claims to have hiked in from the south, near Mercury, and all the way across the NTS. You can find more info on his story if you hit the "Search" button on the left and search for "Jerry Freeman".

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

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