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Message posted by lone wolf on April 23, 2007 at 14:55:36 PST:

One of the locals who is no longer a local (how is that for a hint) was making a CD of every orange pole and silver ball location, along with photo, much like the project. The JTTF raid got in the way of his project.

The border locations can be "created" from the land grab documents (Public Land Order), but I don't believe anyone has done this. You need to read a survey-type description. That is, you won't get waypoints, but rather so many feet from township marker blah blah blah. The township boards are on the USGS maps, though you would need software to get an accurate location, or you would have to find a reference document for the locations.

Most of my waypoints predate SA being turned off, but I never bothered to take fresh readings. That is, they work close enough for my use. Anything that has photocoverage on the old terraserver (i.e. USGS images) can be located very accurately with ExpertGPS. With a bit more work, you could use a free program like OziExplorer. [Ozi needs to be calibrated by the user, while Expertgps knows the usgs calibration based on the image.]

Eve with SA off, if you are going to use a consumer grade GPS, I'm not sure the added accuracy will make much of a difference. Renting a Trimble with sub-meter accuracy is another story.

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