Accurate border coordinates?

Message posted by JB737 on April 23, 2007 at 12:45:31 PST:

Does anyone have accurate (ground) border coordinates for:

1. The entire perimeter of the NTS/A51/etc. area?
2. Any major, useful subset of it, such as from the corner which passes within a mile or two of the approach road to Tikaboo, to the Rachel area?
3. Any before & after coordinates accurately describing the Whitesides / Freedom Ridge land grab changes?

As a first pass, I as always have looked at Google Earth. But their yellow lines presumably marking the boundaries clearly have some major problems. Namely, that it is clearly pre-Whitesides grab, and that even the "Deadly Force" sign waypoint marked by some user (and not verified by me, vs a trustworthy source) is well outside the alleged boundary. So I wouldn't trust it to be accurate even in the pre-Whitesides sense.

I've not found the boundary coordinates published anywhere by the government. Am I missing something, or is an FOIA request needed to find out the exact boundary?

Or maybe the boundary is classified and we need to actually walk it with a GPS?

Or maybe they just pounded stakes in the ground within the 5000 acre limit and never took note of exactly where they are????

It seems to me that it should be a lot easier to find out where the border is, if they don't want someone accidentally crossing it. I for one would like to be able to program the border, plus maybe a line 100 feet outside of it, so that I'm certain not to tangle with the dudes.

I'll spend a bit of time checking online USGS maps, to see if anything useful can be found there.


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