Friday before Pres Day wasn't Fed holiday either

Message posted by JB737 on March 27, 2007 at 1:30:06 PST:

lone wolf,

I know Easter isn't a federal holiday, but I don't think that the Friday before Presidents' Day was either....yet there were not any flights LAS-TNX/TNX-LAS on the graph. I guess they don't have a post office there, unless they make the postal employees stay in the dorms.

I guess that if the flights take Good Friday off, we'll know that they march to their own drummer as opposed to taking just the standard holidays.

I do think that the fairly generous 4-day weekend in February might point to the fact that there is nothing super, super critical going on there right now. Or if there is, it's at least not so far behind schedule that they would turn a 4-day weekend into a 3-day weekend. Whatever they're doing, they're appearing to be on cruise control.


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