Easter weekend on Tikaboo

Message posted by JB737 on March 26, 2007 at 23:31:27 PST:

My most likely climbing days for Tikaboo and maybe one of its neighbors, would be on Easter weekend. I may or may not scope it out on Friday, but will pretty surely be up there either Saturday or Easter Sunday.

I'm undecided about camping there to get early-morning viewing in, vs scooting back to my hotel and maybe doing the climb a second time at the break of dawn the following day if I find it suitable to try that.

Does anyone know if Easter is a 4-day Friday through Monday holiday weekend for the JANET flights? Presidents' Day weekend was, judging from the LAS-TNX flight frequency graphs I looked at. Or is Easter just a regular weekend, or a 3-day one, and if so which day off?


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