Re: Raptors Recalled from Land of the Rising Sun.

Message posted by The Major on February 16, 2007 at 22:30:36 PST:

Checked Hickam this evening and the Raptors are there! Even dozen! Have no idea how long they will be here.

Mark, if you don't have access to Hickam, you won't be able to see them... from the ground. (CU - It'll be hard getting rid of these dots I love so much!)
Now, if you are flying in from Maui and the trade winds are blowing, sit on the left-hand side of the plane. If we have Kona winds (west or southwest) you are probably hosed and it won't matter what side of the plane you sit on. Most inbound aircraft, including the island hoppers, land on Runway 8L. Sitting on the port side of the aircraft will give you an excellent view of Hickam. Coming from Maui, you usually make what amounts to be a hard U-Turn to line up with 8L. When you level out for final approach, keep your eyes peeled, you'll almost pass right over them! Good luck!
Of course, if they disappear, I'll post an update.

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