Break out the wine & cheese - The French are Here!

Message posted by Gregos on February 02, 2007 at 0:28:54 PST:

This morning I headed up to Nellis to see what all the activity was reported on this site as well as all the chatter over the scanner.

I got up there about 11:45am and the recovery for an exercise just as big as Red Flag was already going on. Some of the call signs are as follows:

Cowboy One F-15s
Rambo One F-15s
Raptor One F-22s
Hog One A-10s
Skull One A-10 or F-15 from earlier
Breaker One (3) Aggressor F-15
Tail #s: WA AF90 - 024, WA AF92 - 028, WA AF80 - 018
Viper Two F-16s
Jolly Six One Rescue Blackhawk
Breaker Three Aggressor F-15
Sentry Three Zero AWAC
Tail #: OK AFXX - 558?
Strike One (2) F-15s
Tail #s: OT AF91 - 322, OT AF92 - 365
Viper One F-16s
Ivan Two Aggressor
Casper One T-38s or F-16s
Crystal One T-38 or F-16s
Iron One F-16s

On the Ground where the AWACs park was the French Transport Tail Number ID 950. Anybody know what this aircraft is? I didn't see any French Aircraft in the air today.

You can see more from today at:


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