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Here's more:

There are 2 Tristar K1 aircraft that have been converted from British Airways L1011 500s. They are different from the KC1 in that they have a fixed passenger seat configuration of 187 seats in the rear two-thirds of the cabin and the front third is taken up by 25 baggage bins, secured on a ball-mat-roller system. These baggage bins are loaded through the passenger door. As in the case with the KC1, the K1 has additional under-floor fuel tanks, twin hose drum units (the red "components" I mentioned earlier post, in the rear fuselage, and a CCTV system, but no refuelling probe. Just drouge and chute lines.

The Tristar aircraft can be seen at Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and CFB Cold Lake.

They are there to refuel both Harriers and Tornados.

Hope that clears that up.


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