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Message posted by The Major on January 20, 2007 at 13:40:25 PST:

This is all starting to make sense! I'm almost certain that I think I thought I might of known this Bob... what was his name again?

All I remember was some guy (his name must be "The Boss" because this name and his picture is on damn near every beverage vending machine on Okinawa), wearing really dark sunglasses and non-descript black suit, comes up to me and shoves something that looked like a big, shiny suppository up into my...


That's all I remember... I woke up naked on a chandelier in Lindsey Lohan's home! How cruel is that??? Not remembering how I got up there and everything that happened before!!! (She doesn't either, but for a totally different reason.)

I'm thinking he might of set his memory-thingy it a bit to high... Can't remember high school, either!

(Wonder if Tommy Lee knows his picture adorns hundreds and hundreds of vending machines all over Okinawa?)

MIB - Man In (the) Buff

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