Problems at Dreamland

Message posted by JayC on January 20, 2007 at 9:57:52 PST:

This conversation has been recorded by means of an ultra-long-range microphone pointed at an undisclosed Groom Lake security compound:

- (sound of knocking on the door)

Commanding Officer: Enter!

Agent Jay: I got that update on the progress of the
Lazar-affair you requested, sir.

Commanding Officer: Alright, let's hear it.

Agent Jay: Well we've achieved just about everything as specified by the brass. He has been utterly discredited, all records of him ever having acquired more than a fishing-license has been erased. All diplomas, degrees, and papers at MIT and the other facilities are gone and all photos and yearbooks have been altered so he doesn't appear anywhere.

Commanding Officer: Very good... and the people that know him? Classmates and that..?

Agent Jay: Most have had mind-alterations where feasible. The rest are either disposed of if they were dispensible or they've been threatened to silence by means of guns held against their childrens' heads, sir.

Commanding Officer: Excellent progress, agent. So we're not gonna have any more problems with his stories leaking to the public.

Agent Jay: Well sir... there is a problem.

Commanding Officer: You know I don't like problems, and I don't like surprises... what is it?!

Agent Jay: There's this person... on the internet, sir. He's on to us. It seems he knows about the discrediting and is spilling his guts all over the web. He knows about MIT and the physics on alien technology.

Commanding Officer: Well for Christ's sake, stop him! We've spent millions on this cover-up, and you're telling me this guy can ruin it all?!

Agent Jay: Well sir... he's posted this on... ehr... the dreamlandresort website's open forum, sir.

- (sound of coffee cup dropping on the floor)

Commanding Officer: My God! ... (long pause) ... That bad? Is there nothing we can do about it?

Agent Jay: 'Fraid not, sir. Tampering with life-long backgrounds and the minds of individuals is one thing, but once this stuff hits a discussion forum... we're pretty much toast, sir.

Commanding Officer: What about this character who posted it in the first place?

Agent Jay: He used a pseudenym. I have it here somewhere... Here. "Clair Voyance" - obviously not his real name, sir. We don't know who he is...

Commanding Officer: Damnit!!

Further recording was terminated due to the approaching of two black SUV's with guys in dark suits and sunglasses inside. Names of persons may have been changed to protect their families.

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