Re: Who Says Space-A is No Fun?

Message posted by Mark on January 07, 2007 at 18:18:12 PST:

Hahahah, When I flew to Hawaii last time (on a HA DC-10 of all things) WE had to stop and return to gate for a bad light and he was stopped working on it in forn of the AFB ramp, so I got to see many of those KC-10s. I will be going to Maui next month and will be taking a day trip to Pearl Harbor, so I will have to see whats there when I go. Any idea when the raptors come? Also at my neighbood ANG base (March ARB) we see a LOT of C-17s and they can do some really nice moves. When I went I to the air show, I saw one of the Raptors out of EDW do some nice moves but they were tame compared to the F-15. I guess for security reasons. Luckily were getting Predator drones out here soon for our reservists to play with. There the first ones to get it in the reserves.


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