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You know, I never read the NTSB report on the crash, and after searching the database for a while, I finally located it.

Turns out some of the story as told to me was a little inaccurate (or a little more senility has set in). It seems the accident occurred on 9/5/93 near Pecos, New Mexico, not Arizona. It did impact on a mountain, but there were seven fatalities, not four. The PIC was not in his seat, but the copilot was... only he didn't know how to fly a Lear. The pilot was high on cocaine and booze, as were two passengers (no details on what kind of party they were having in the cabin). They found pot in the wreckage. The eyewitness reports are very interesting.

The name of the Houston-based charter service was "Black Swan." That was not the name of the service that provided aircraft for our hospital, however, I do recall being told that the charter service had changed names or was bought out. I don't recall which. I looked up the registration number N999BH and it was registered to Cambridge Aviation Inc. That doesn't ring any bells either.

So, what did I come away with after all this scratching around on the internet? Seven people died while taking a Lear out on a joy ride... and they left from Hobby airport... and the crash mostly matched the story I was told when I visited my former employer five or six years (not one or two) after I left.

I feel so... well, cheated, that I lost a couple of hours of my life digging-up this information. Don't you feel cheated having spent your precious time reading this?

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