Re: Help with Nevada Test Site Visit

Message posted by Steve P. on December 07, 2006 at 22:26:09 PST:

Actually the tour is a custom setup tour, which is why I may have some freedom.

This photographer somehow got the freedom to poke around with a camera, apparently getting up close to some of the structures:

Maybe this has changed in the past few years.

I had been planning on spending about 4 grand on a 1080p high definition video camera and I was considering rental of a little steady-cam type thingy.

I had actually been planning on a more expensive system with interchangable lenses, but that would be a lot more bulky and this less freedom.

Oh well...guess it's a good thing I didn't jump the gun and spend all that money.

As for the geiger counters (and scintillators and analyzers)....well...I have a bunch of 'em. I wouldn't expect anything very high. Perhaps slight elevations on some of the surfaces. It's more an issue of me not getting as much time to play with my toys out in the field as I'd like to. And I can't think of a more interesting place to get some use out of my equipment ;-)

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