Re: Help with Nevada Test Site Visit

Message posted by Peter Merlin on December 07, 2006 at 10:00:51 PST:

I'm not sure how much it has changed. I have taken numerous tours of the NTS and visited nearly all of the different areas. Most of these tours allowed cameras and I was able to bring my Geiger counter along on several occasions.

The DOE should encourage people to bring Geiger counters to the test site. Many people expect a radioactive wasteland, but instead it mostly looks like any other part of the desert and is surprisingly free of measurable contamination.

The blasted shelters and structures on Frenchamn Flat, site of multiple above ground tests did not register above normal background radiation. The same was true for other "ground zero" sites on Yucca Flat as well as various other areas. The rim of Sedan crater, away from the visitor's platform, was mildly radioactive and I have heard that SMOKY ground zero is similar to TRINITY Site which is open to the public twice a year.

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