Probability of visitation

Message posted by Chris McDowell on November 01, 2006 at 22:09:00 PST:

"Physics pretty much rules out visits from other solar systems."

Well, I agreed with you up to that point. I don't think we can say that with any true accuracy, because who is to say that our understanding of physics is all-inclusive? History is replete with instances where long-held "laws" of science have been overturned by new discoveries. And in each case, the prevailing knowledge of the time was that these precepts were rock solid. Just this year, in fact, Stephen Hawking publicly retracted a theory regarding black holes that he had originally formulated over 30 years ago, and for all that time, it was accepted as fact, until recent research suggested otherwise.

So just because science "knows" something is true today, doesn't necessarily mean it will still be true tomorrow.

Now, having said that, I should clarify that I am skeptical on the majority of UFO sightings. I do, however, believe in the existence of life elsewhere. And further, I do believe visitation/observation is a possibility. But I also believe that a species sufficiently advanced to conduct visitation/observation is most likely also sufficiently advanced to be able to do so undetected.

And there are no UFOs at Groom Lake.

Chris M.

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