Message posted by Mark Lincoln on November 01, 2006 at 12:41:39 PST:

I became interested in "UFOs" when a child, in the 1950s.
I have seen many, many things in the sky, many of which were reported as "UFOs" by other people. But I have never seen anything which appeared to me to be of extraterrestrial origin.

There is no question in my mind that there are still "unexplained" sightings, some from multiple reliable witnesses.

But the fact that they are unexplained does not mean they are artifacts of little green men who are driving them.

In the 1950s we did not have the immense knowledge of the solar system that we have now. We can clearly rule out any possible high life forms in our solar system not residing on earth.

Physics pretty much rules out visits from other solar systems.

The evidential bar must be set very high. To not do so reduces any inquiry to the level of laughing stock.

After what happened to Capital Airlines Captain Hull who was one of those who reported UFOs over Washington in the early 50s, one Capital pilot told me that "even if one flew in formation with little green men waving at me, I wouldn't report it."

The "true believers" are a major impediment to any serious inquiry.

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