Re: Greatest story ever denied

Message posted by ke6vuj on October 31, 2006 at 18:17:22 PST:

While working at TRW in Redondo Beach the year of The Rookies debut (I think on a Monday night), I was having dinner in a Santa Monica apartment looking west out of a window when I saw an object (from my perspective) about the size of a dime and glowing with a green color traveling at a high rate of speed from the top left corner of the window to the bottom right corner. Of course, after I said, "Wow look at that", my companion missed seeing it. I knew that I had seen something weird because the hair on the back of my neck stood up. The next day the newspapers were full of a story about patrol units chasing something down Santa Monica Blvd., trying to photograph it through the wind shield of their car. The flash on the camera was on so they did not get a photo. The weekly newsletter for TRW employees (The Read Out) had a phone number of a project engineer who had set himself up as a clearing point for UFO sightings and, the next day, I tried calling it to report what I had seen. Every time I dialed the number I got a "wrong" number. Each time it was a different "wrong" number no matter how hard I tried to make sure that I had dialed it correctly. I think that the object went into the ocean and if aliens have space travel technology, they would have the ability to monitor and alter phone calls. Just thought that I would throw this out for discussion.


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