Re: Red Flag Reminder

Message posted by 9th life on October 02, 2006 at 9:44:52 PST:

I am there! Almost. It seems like when I was a kid I would jump in my car and drive to Washington. No problem? Now? Not so! It's only 300 some odd miles one way but gas, food, lodging, warmth and other things like a 12 year old FORD unaerodymanic Aerostar make a simple trip a challenge. You might also ask why I'm staying in the Project Fautless area. Excessive curiosity about radioactivity and RF listening. My inventory of listening devices; 6 scanners, 2 data logging laptops, 2 geiger counters, 3 digital cameras and an old fashioned film camera. And a lot of batteries. Bring on the Red Flag players, I'll be there.

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