Hangar 18 viewspots

Message posted by lone wolf on August 11, 2006 at 12:46:26 PST:

I've been running GRASS, a program that can analyse USGS elevation maps with regards to viewsheds. This is similar to SPLAT!, but the results are much better. This time it found Bill W.'s hill in the eastern ranges. At the moment, I have only checked Hangar 18.

Besides the usual spots, the analysis indicates you can see Hangar 18 from a spot much lower than Reveille Peak.
N37.81957 W116.12771

This is a hill near Tikaboo
N37.32488 W115.34732

White Sides shows up, as well as a hill to the north
N37.388937 W115.647797

This is a hill to the north of Bald Mountain. I don't know if it is in free territory
N37.478993 W115.742881

There are quite a few spots in the Desert Wildlife Preserve
N36.68289 W115.20690


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