Re: Hangar 18 viewspots

Message posted by lone wolf on August 12, 2006 at 12:18:13 PST:

Actually, scratch that location for Hangar 18. I had two overlays on at the same time. However, those locations have a "view" of the Groom Lake localizer. Of course, you won't see the localizer, but might pick it up on a scanner. It is an unknown frequency.

The Lee Canyon spot is maybe 15 miles off the centerline of the localizer. The beam width is about 1/10th the distance from the localizer, so that would be about 6 miles wide. Still, it might be possible to hear it. The localizer would sound similar to a VOR, but start with Morse code I. Once you have the localizer, the glideslope frequency can be looked up.

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