Re: Campfires on Tikaboo

Message posted by lone wolf on July 18, 2006 at 19:26:55 PST:

Doing anything on Tikaboo is a matter of can you haul it up there. If you wanted to do a cookout, I'd suggest hitting Trader Joes in Vegas (on Decatur near Charleston) and get the marinated tri-tip. Not only is the meat great, but the packaging in nuclear. It comes in very thick plastic that is well sealed. It would be hard for it to leak on the trip up. You would need to store it on ice, then transfer it to an isulated bag. What you don't want to do is eat something that is funky in a place where the loo is the hole you dig with your heal.

For a BBQ, you can get a replacement grill at Lowes or Home Depot (about $10), then use a few rocks to keep it above the dirt. That is all the BBQ pit is/was on Tikaboo. There is plenty of wood, but you need to bring a pocket saw.

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