Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on July 07, 2006 at 3:38:51 PST:

Kim (and Iran) are up to something. Nobody in a position of power tries to provke a response like NK or Iran has done without having an endgame that leaves them with at least some satisfaction. Since we are the big dog, and we have already shown a pattern of KA&TN to regimes that have shown impudence, the pudgy Korean and the Iranian equivalent of Tom Hayden must have a VERY certain response if America bitch slaps them. Probably either (in Korea) a semi-strategic detonation of whatever they they have close to Seoul (maybe already pre-positioned in SK or even Japan) or Iran unleashing their sleepers world-wide. They are a LOT of Iranians in the US in very sensetive positions, so th damage an Iranian sleeper could do is incalcuable. Bottom line, they are tweaking our noses for a reason, to get a response that they will use to act in a very vegeful and destructive manner that they will blame American agression and claim self-defense. Since the rest of the world and the Democrats will seize this as proof of our government's war-like attitude, WE will have a regime change and in a few years, Hillary will be commanding the rest of the United States Disaster Relief and Border Garrison Force (What used to be the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force), Iran will control, if not rule the fundamentalist Islamic state that is now Iran and Iraq, and NK will have taken control of SK so it now has the wealth to fund it's agression. Cool huh? Hillary will be hard at work with her priorities of getting Star back on the View, Putting Monica in Gitmo as a terrorist suspected of blowing an American icon away, and revamping the "Bill of Rights" to read "Bill and Hillary of Rights".

Let's not play their game by giving them the response that they are planning for. Make sure when they use whatever wepaons they have that THEY are seen as the absolute agressors. BTW we DO have a ABM-type aircraft over the Korean DMZ already. Also on July 4th we put our 121st Space Shuttle into orbit while the NK scared some fish in their coastal waters while their citizens continue to starve. Evil is as evil does.

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