Janet 737 Boarding Stairs

Message posted by Will(NorCal) on July 05, 2006 at 21:32:06 PST:

This is probably not a very hot topic...but...I have read that the majority of the Janet 737 fleet are former USAF T-43s.

The T-43 variant has an integral boarding stair that extends from a hatch below the forward door. At least, all of the photos I have found of T-43s show this stair in use rather than a mobile "Airstair" unit.

Maybe all 737s of that vintage have built-in stairs. Photos of the Janet fleet indicate the hatch below the door is there, but only one photo I have seen (on this site) shows these stairs in use.

Does anyone know any reasons why an external stair would be employed over the self-contained system?

Durability concerns? Ease of use?

Like I said, not a real important issue...but it's all in the details, right?



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