Strategic Threat?

Message posted by Scot Tway on June 18, 2006 at 20:11:17 PST:

I would like to poise a question that might answer some peoples' question as to why many of us on this forum do what we do. That is: watch Area 51, photograph Janets, monitor Mil radio, etc....
What Strategic threats are there in the world facing the United States of America? Russia to some degree sure and China as well, I know. North Korea very soon and maybe Iran. But compaired to 1948~1989 we are pretty much safe from any credible Strategic strike. Let us remember that Area 51, then known as Watertown Strip was built to develop the U2, A-11, SR71, F117 and other projects all designed to help against Strategic threats. We also know that in 1995 a huge influx of funds increased the size of the base and it's facilities....all 5 to 6 years after the fall of the greatist Strategic threat the USA has ever known; the Soviet Union. So my question is this: What are we hiding from Who and is it of Strategic import?
I grew up Air Force. Attended the Air Force Academy. Lived in a Communist country while holding a Diplomatic Passport. Been shot at for just being an American! But I am also a TAXPAYER. I think I should have the right to at the very least be curious as to where my tax dollars are going and for what or at least that it's a worthy project and not just propping up some Defense Contractor.
Now I'll step down from my Soap Box.....any thoughts?


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