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Message posted by Lumpy on June 18, 2006 at 21:28:41 PST:

I would think that there are a lot of varied reasons for A-51/NTS/Red Flag and related interest and curiosity.

My personal interest leans toward a less political aspect and more toward a simple historic aspect. I'm not trying to uncover anything about who our enemies might be or how much money we're spending on the latest secret project.

I simply find recent history (last 100 yrs or so) to be interesting. I'm fascinated by how areas grow and evolve when humans begin making their impact on an area. I've often said I wished the rocks could talk. In the case of Groom and the surrounding area, I'd love to hear about the early emigrants that passed through there on their way to a place that (to them) was somewhere between "a couple of days" and a lifetime away.

To think that people died because they couldn't find their way out of what is now NTS or Death Valley or anywhere similar is just fascinating to me. Equally fascinating is that we can sit in front of our computers in every corner of the world and discuss the subject, including viewing incredibly accurate aerial photos and maps.

Very boggling for a kid that grew up knowing only one color of telephone..:-)

You were on CHiPs? Did you wear those sexy
tight pants and high boots like Erik Estrada?
No. Swimtrunks.

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