Re: Aerospace Writer's Mystery Death?

Message posted by Lumpy on June 16, 2006 at 19:34:07 PST:

> ... his car plunged over a cliff
> and crashed 500 feet below -- off the winding Piuma Road,
> which means Dornheim's car was going in exactly the wrong
> direction, into Carbon Canyon toward Malibu Beach -
> - than the route he'd announced to his
> friends moments earlier...

I don't see too much of a discrepency here. Saddle Peak
Lodge and restaurant is right at about the junction of
Cold Canyon and Piuma Rd. It would be very easy for him,
particularly under the influence of a couple of drinks,
as reported, to get onto Piuma deliberately or accidently.
Both roads lead to Mulholland. It's not the 'wrong' direction,
just a more 'scenic route'. I own a home about a
mile from there.

> California Highway Patrol Officer Leland Tong said he
> and his fellow officers were "scratching their heads"
> over how the editor's car got in the ravine at all.

I do see a little confusion there. To my knowledge,
LA Sheriff has the jurisdiction for accidents on Piuma,
not the CHP.

> ...Carbon Canyon winds through the rugged Santa Monica
> Mountains, but it's also a busy road lined with the
> multi-million-dollar estates of Hollywood celebrities...

Another bit of confusion there. I'm not sure how Carbon Canyon (Rd)
figures into the picture if he drove off the road on Piuma.
You 'Can' get to Carbon Canyon from Piuma but it's a pretty
convoluted trip.


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