Re: Aerospace Writer's Mystery Death?

Message posted by Wardrop on June 18, 2006 at 17:12:56 PST:

Exactly...the Janet aircraft. What is the reason for testing airport security at McCarran, or finding the perfect hotel room to take a photo of these aircraft? Also, what is the underlying intent of people driving to the middle of nowhere to observe Red Flag, monitor their radios or test the resolve of "camodudes"? Since we know those areas are restricted and that military training activities take place, would it not benefit them to interfere as little as possible and just let them do their jobs? I foresee a day when someone's curiosity and posting on this website is going to reveal a military tactic that potentially puts the units that train there at risk. And is it possible that a full panoramic photo of "Area 51" is a wonderful tool for our adversaries? I'm off my soapbox.

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